Friday, April 17, 2009


Tonight, while creating this card, I thought about my beautiful mother who passed away 6 years ago of a very rare blood disease.
She was only 62 years old. Too young! She was a real treasure. She had this wonderful ability of making everyone feel very special. If you were a friend and you were invited to her home for a "ladies luncheon", she would set her table with one of many sets of her darling dishes, coordinating linens, flowers, etc. Her table settings put Martha Stewart to shame! She was a wonderful cook and she made the best pies!

She was a very talented lady as well. Not only could she cook, decorate and garden, but she could sew anything, crochet, knit and needlepoint as well. She was part of an embroidery guild who said my Mother's work was "museum quality". My sisters and I have many pieces of her work not to mention Christmas ornaments as well.

I think of her every day and especially Mother's Day. She wasn't alive to see my card making, but I know if she were, she would be very proud of me. There are times when I sit down to create, I say "Mom would really like this." I really miss her!

So for all you ladies out there who still have their Moms, give them an extra big hug and kiss and tell them how much they mean to you - time is too short!

Have a wonderful evening! Cathy :)


  1. Beautiful card. I love the little flowers adorning the frame. I am sorry that your mom is not with you. YOur cards are beautiful and she is proud.

  2. Be sure your mum is still so proud of you!!


  3. Oh Cathy! Your mum will ALWAYS be by your side, I'm sure. I still have my mother, but not either of my nan's. I REALLY miss my nan - she taught me how to sew and knit and I spent so much time with her as a child. It was my mum that taught my daughter how to knit (strange how it seems to be a Grandma/grandaughter kind of thing in my family eh?!)

    Take care. Big hugs

  4. My Mum has passed away too so I totally understand how you feel. I really believe though that someone is not really gone as long as someone else still remembers them & holds them in their heart. I'm sure your Mum would adore your gorgeous creations & be very proud.


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