Sunday, July 5, 2009


This holiday weekend gave my DF and myself the opportunity to do some gardening.....better known as weed pulling! ;) Although, I do have a beautiful garden filled with perennials, we sure get our fair share of weeds! All is clear for now - but I know come again in a couple of weeks they'll be back for another game of "tug-of-war".

As a designer, I think one of the toughest things to do is find your niche and stick with it. Thru out the course of my life......I have always been drawn to vintage items. I have an entire cabinet that I put together with vintage Madame Alexander Dolls from my childhood (yes, they would be considered vintage!), tea cups, silver egg holders, toast holders, salt/pepper shakers, my Grandmothers iced tea set, and other misc. When I first started out making cards, they were vintage inspired. Vintage items are soft and can be romantic - they tell a story from days gone by. They are rich in history - they are a part of someone's past. I have dipped into other area's and liked it - but something keeps drawing me back to more vintage-inspired. So for now, you maybe seeing more of that and less of the other. With that being said, I give you the above. I love the chipboard keyhole from Tattered Angels. I inked the edges and added Martha Stewart glitter. I thought of the Secret Garden when I did this. Soft, inked and vintage inspired. :)

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend - have a great week! Cathy :)


  1. You put together such great compositions!
    I love your eye for color.

  2. I also added you to this blog:

  3. So beautiful and elegant!!!!

    Saskia :)


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